Author: Kathy Storin

What I Learned as a Horse Show Mom

By Kathy Storin A personal love of horses led me toward exposing my daughter to ponies and horses when she was very young. A pony ride here and there for a 3 year old, the pony birthday party at 5, combined with a neighbor who was an accomplished equestrian lead us toward a severe addiction to the horse world by the time she was 10. Our neighbor, Beth, encouraged me to wait until Kait was old enough to actually control a horse rather than just be adorable sitting on one before we started serious lessons. I am forever grateful...

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3 Tips for a Grand Prix Groom

Written by Rachael Wilkerson Grooming for several top Grand Prix riders in the last few years has left me with several important tips that I would like to share. I’m sure you know how to care for the horses and will do a splendid job of keeping them at their best and you obviously have a love for them, otherwise you would be smart and get a job that not only has better hours and pay, but the tendency to make you less crazy rather than more, as the years go on. The tips I have to¬†offer, having worked...

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